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The Most Iconic Italian Dishes You Need To Taste

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The Most Iconic Italian Dishes You Need To Taste

Best Italian Restaurant In Burlington, NC

There is nothing as sweet and flavorful as Italian cuisine served fresh on your plate. The best way to enjoy such delicacies is to stick to local food types, which speak much about Italian culture. However, some of the most mouthwatering Italian foods are pizza and pasta. 

Francesca’s Italian Restaurant is the best Italian Restaurant in North Carolina. We offer a variety of dishes that will surely satisfy your palate. It is because of this that we have been awarded the Best Italian Restaurant in NC.

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Iconic Italian Dishes You Need To Taste

Here are the top best selections of Italian cuisines you need to taste. 

1. Pizza Napoletana

Traditional dishes like Pizza Napoletana sum up everything when it comes to taste. This food has a history that goes down to simplicity with fresh and high-quality ingredients. It’s a tempting pizza that you wouldn’t want to miss in one of your visits to our restaurant. It is a flatbread topped using tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, as well as extra virgin olive oil. 


Lasagna Burlington NC 2. Lasagna 

It is a famous world recipe and traditional tasty food. Lasagna has been there since time memorial made through interchanging pasta sheets layers, meat, sauce, and cheese. It is the most delicious ancient baked dish.


3. Ossobuco Alla Milanese 

It is a hearty meal cooked gently using white wine, meat soup, as well as vegetables. Ossobuco Alla Milanese is a perfect example of a meat-based dish, in case you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in NC that offers it. It is a memorable meal, which blends well with saffron-laced Risotto Alla Milanese.


4. Gelato 

Italian ice cream is the best form of a modified creamy dessert that dates back to the renaissance period. Gelato is a bit different from a regular ice cream due to the fat in it. If you want to taste this unique treat, try and visit Francesca’s Italian Restaurant in NC. 


5. Focaccia 

This meal is associated with Ligurian cuisine. It is Italy’s famous delicious bread. It’s considered the best in the world with a mixture of soft and firm wheat flour, salt, water, extra virgin olive oil, and yeast. Its herbal flavor blended with garlic, tomatoes, and basil makes it a must-try delicacy. This meal is served as table bread. 


6. Caponata 

Caponata is a mash-up of Greek, Arab, as well as Spanish influences. It is a loved eggplant dish. It has a sweet and sour taste, thus a juicy vegetarian meal. The onions, celery, and capers in it make it even more balanced and luscious. Fortunately, this meal has no standard recipe, so that you can use ingredients of your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most famous Italian dishes are:

  1. Pizza
  2. Lasagna
  3. Polenta
  4. Risotto

Some of the leading Italian dishes served at Francesca’s Italian Restaurant are:

  1. Grilled fish with Artichoke caponata
  2. Risotto with capera and espresso
  3. Sun-dried tomato and Arugula pizza

A typical Italian lunch has an appetizer, a primo (soup, rice, or pasta), a secondo (meat or fish), Contorno (vegetables), and small portions of dolci (sweet).

The Best Italian Restaurant In Burlington, NC

There are several Italian dishes, sweet and delicious. These traditional Italian dishes are profoundly prepared in the Italian culture and are passed down between ages to keep up their bona fide beginnings. The ideal way to experience Italian food’s real taste is to visit the Best Italian Restaurant in NC like Francesca’s Italian Restaurant.

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