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Tips And Tricks For Eating Healthy In An Italian Restaurant

Tips And Tricks For Eating Healthy In An Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant Menu In Burlington, NC

There are several Italian dishes to choose from in an Italian menu, and sometimes getting a healthy meal might be a considerable challenge. When you visit the restaurant, you can easily be overwhelmed by the smells and the tasty cuisines and go for a less healthy meal than you planned. But you can still enjoy excellent Italian cuisine and always be health conscious.

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Tips And Tricks For Eating Healthy In An Italian Restaurant

Here are some tips and tricks to satisfy your cravings without taking high calories in the restaurant menu.

1. Eat Light Starters

An authentic Italian meal is not complete without sauce and pasta. As a starter, you might want to start with a salad and skip the bread to save yourself some calories. A Caprese salad has antioxidants from the tomatoes. You can also consider taking a small plate of dinner salad with oil and vinegar on the side. Another healthy and tasty option is the cup of Fagioli or minestrone, which are both loaded with vegetables and beans. They will ease your hunger before you dig into the main course.  Italian garlic bread has many calories, but it’s low on nutrition, so it is best to avoid it.


2. Go For Healthier Menu Options

Most common dishes on an Italian restaurant menu in Burlington are traditionally reserved for the holidays and holiday occasions – and most are rich in fat and calories. The good news is you can find healthy and tasty options on most Italian restaurant menus.  Most Italian restaurant menus have more than one seafood option. A healthier option will be to go for grilled fish prepared with olives, capers, several vegetables, and sometimes cannellini beans to make it flavorful and tasty. Another option will be to avoid the calories in the ice cream sauce and go for either tomato sauce or olive-based sauce.


3. Skip Pasta Entirely

Most authentic Italian restaurants provide entrée with no pasta. Go for food like grilled chicken bread and tomato sauce. Replace pasta with vegetables that are rich in nutrition and antioxidants. Steamed broccoli is the right choice, and it is popular in almost all Italian menus. If you cannot visit an Italian restaurant without having pasta, then choose the whole wheat. Whole wheat pasta has high fiber and will not raise your blood sugar and insulin levels. 


4. Order Fruit As A Dessert

Ordering fruit for dessert is a consistent  Italian culture – it’s a convention to end a supper with a light natural product dish. Additionally, having fruit for pastry is a lot more grounded than cheesecake or frozen yogurt, typical in numerous Italian eatery menus. Those choices have a ton of sugar content, and a high sugar collection may bring about some medical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

The healthiest meals served at an Italian restaurant are:

  1. Bruschetta
  2. Caprese salad
  3. Pasta Fagioli soup
  4. Polenta
  5. Chicken cacciatore

Italian food is healthy because fish and olive oil are the two of the fundamental indigents in Italian cooking, and both are exceptionally gainful to heart wellbeing. Solid, unsaturated fats, good cholesterol, and omega-3 unsaturated fats are essential for keeping a healthy heart.

An Italian menu includes italian dishes such as prosciutto,bruschetta,polenta cakes,caprese salads and crostini.

Italian Restaurant Menu In Burlington, NC

The Best Italian Restaurant In Burlington, NC

It is fun to dine in an Italian restaurant, but you need to eat healthy cuisine.

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