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Our Story

Our Story

Chef Luigi

Luigi Lattero is from Monte Di Procida, Italy. A small town just outside of Naples, Italy. He grew up with amazing parents, two sisters, two brothers, and great friends. His family was very close! Lui said one of the best parts of growing up was Sundays. On Sundays, all of the extended family would get together including Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and all of his Cousins making up about 30 family members. Lui’s Mother, Grandmother and Aunts would cook the most amazing meals and all the kids will play outside. He got his love for cooking from his Mother and his Grandmother. Lui commented, “Cooking brings me back to my childhood.

I started a restaurant to share the same ability to bring the happiness that my family had on those Sundays.” He has brought his extreme talent to the United States and landed here in Burlington, North Carolina to cook the most amazing food and welcome you to be part of his family.

Picture of Lui’s Mother and Himself