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Authentic Italian Pizzas By Francesca’s Italian Restaurant You’ll Love To Taste

Italian Pizza Burlington NC

Authentic Italian Pizzas By Francesca’s Italian Restaurant You’ll Love To Taste

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Best Pizza Burlington, NC

When people think of Italian cuisine or talk about going out for Italian food, they immediately think of pizza. When you are in Italy, you will find that there are two dishes which are the most famous: pizza and pasta.


"Best Pizza Burlington NC "Francesca’s Italian Restaurant is an Italian restaurant in Burlington, NC bringing Italy’s rich flavors to the people. Using only the highest quality ingredients such as Caputo Napoli Flour, milled in Naples, this is the best pizza you can get without getting on a plane. Book a reservation with us and enjoy a divine slice of our pizza.

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Authentic Italian Pizzas By Francesca's Italian Restaurant You'll Love To Taste

1. Margherita

There’s very little more to say – she is essentially the sovereign of the table. The Margherita pizza is undoubtedly the most loved Italian pizza in its simple form with mozzarella fiordilatte or mozzarella de bufala. Aside from mozzarella, the other ingredients are tomato, oil, and basil.


2. Marinara

The secret behind marinara pizza is its simplicity in preparation. Ordering this pizza is an excellent way to test the mixture and the ingredients: tomato, garlic, oregano, and oil. 

"Best Pizza Burlington NC "3. Ortolana/Vegetariana

Pizza is a decent food to eat while you’re on a nutritional plan! This pizza is ideal for individuals who need to eat something tasty and still watch for their waistlines. The ingredients are mozzarella, tomato, peppers, aubergines, and courgette/zucchini sliced into slim cuts or any other combination of cooked or roasted vegetables.


4. Diavola

Diavola is an incredible pizza for anyone who loves intense flavors. The main ingredient is hot salami. It is common outside of Italy, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.


5. Frutti Di Mare

This pizza consolidates the scrumptiousness of pizza with the fabulous fish. It has the required tomato and mozzarella and fish like shrimps, mussels, and squid, in addition to flavors of garlic and parsley. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best Italian pizzas are:

  1. Margherita
  2. Marinara
  3. Ortolan/vegetarian
  4. Quattro Formaggio

Italian foods are best for the heart. Fish and olive oil are two main ingredients in Francesca’s Italian restaurant cooking. Solid, unsaturated fats, healthy cholesterol, and omega-3 are essential for keeping up a solid heart.

The authentic toppings found on our pizzas are:

  1. Tomato sauce
  2. Garlic
  3. Mozzarella cheese
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Chilli/pepper

Best Pizza In Burlington, NC

Italian pizzas are not only unique and tempting but also one of the most famous Italian food worldwide. The cuisine has the finest ingredients, bringing out the rich Italian culture and history.

Francesca’s Italian Restaurant, the Best Italian Restaurant In Burlington, NC, has so much to offer when it comes to Italian pizzas. We serve Marinara, Margherita, Diavola, and other unforgettable tasty pizzas. Don’t be left out; taste the world! 

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